Where we are, how to find us, where to park and what’s around the corner.

Varipix's neighbourhood
Filament Creative Inc.
The Roastery
Brazen Head Pub.
Raaw Japanese Cuisine
Liberty Cyclery
Balzac's Coffee
Academy of Spherical Arts
McKenna Photo

They built this wicked website you’re currently enjoying. Nuff said. They rock.

These are great neighbours to have. We spend a lot of time walking to the end of our street to take advantage of not just the great coffee, but great hot food too. (mmm - burritos...)
Ali has been keeping the hood caffeinated since before it was a hood.

Three patios and two floors of delicious Irish fun! And according their website: “… friendly service, and a warm bar stool” … we’re not sure why their bar stools are warm, but we’re not holding it against them.

They aim to delight, and don’t disappoint. Best sushi ever - with amazing presentation to boot! We’d recommend a specific dish – but you should really try them ALL! Plus, if you get to know the owner, she might just bust out the good sake...

Our local “bike garage”. They’re fast, friendly, and super knowledgeable. Plus, they saved Blaine’s last bike trip to Toronto Island, so they also hold a special place in our hearts.

Toronto’s best kept secret – literally, and we’re letting you in on it! Off-the-path location, with its own little courtyard, and the food never ever disappoints. But the word is out! Be sure to make a reservation for lunch or dinner.

“Impossibly gorgeous”. This is micro-roasted fair trade beans at their best! Just ask Honoré Balzac – visit them, you’ll figure it out.

Okay, this place is waaay too steeped in history for us to even try to explain it in a blurb. Suffice it to say: 130 year old pool tables, high end dining, and more varieties of liquor than you can possibly imagine. Hey, we did it! But go see for yourself anyway.

Whether you want a headshot, or food porn, this is the photographer for you. She’s responsible for the cool new cover photos for ACTRA’s Performers magazine (read: hot and hilarious), and for a lot of the LCBO magazine’s food and wine drool shots. Check her out!

Find Parking

We have a few spots reserved for clients at the studio, but if those are full, there’s plenty of safe, cheap parking nearby. Click the button to the left to locate it. Note: you’ll be taken to the Green P website.